Our Services

LiveSewa provides you with a more interactive communication medium between you and your customers. This will help the customers to get exact and required answers for their queries immediately.
LiveSewa helps to make the customer queries and complaint handling procedure more systematic and automatic, thus reducing the time taken to respond to customers. The complaints can be handled through ticketing system whereby the customers can drop their comments any time and the response will be given as soon as the chat operator is online. This will help to improve customer service.
LiveSewa helps to provide a cost effective means of communication with customers. The client can answer and explain in detail regarding product and services to the customers.
Through LiveSewa the customers can place reservations related to the services provided by the client.
Through LiveSewa customers can schedule the appointment with the concerned client, thus providing a easier method to reach the client.
Through LiveSewa you can provide repetitive information to multiple customers at the same time. This will help to reduce the time taken for responding to customers.